Pandora's Pithos


Showcased at |FAT| Arts and Fashion Week 2012


A curious girl from another galaxy chanced by Earth and was drawn by mankind long ago, so long ago that she even witnessed the opening of the infamous Pithos. Since then, she witnesses how the untrained spirits have begun to percolate in humanity, resulting in horrendous bloodshed, destruction, betrayal, sacrifice, innocence lost, regrets, and more. After thousands of years, nothing much has changed, and her heart grows cold. She abandons the past, ignores the present, and finds refuge in the land of ice and snow. As she retreats, this lingers in her mind:

Crack the sky flash in the night
Pagan shadows caressed in the light
The bow is drawn the arrow flies
The heart is pierced as all hope dies
If only we could still believe
And change the world to our own needs
But it’s too late the lines are drawn
The moment fades forever gone
-A Generation of the Lost by Frozen Plasma

Can these untrained spirits rooted deep in humanity be eradicated? Maybe one day, the future will find her. Maybe one day, Humanity will find her.

This collection PANDORA’S PITHOS aims to explore the human mindscape through fashioning the body. The untrained spirits, some say, beautiful evils, are personified by each look through strong and constraining silhouettes, and innovative detailing as well as through juxtaposing diverse tactile sensations to sculpt and morph the body into imagination. Concealed sexuality and a hint of bondage are tucked in with the satin, knits, jacquard, faux leather, mesh, organza, PVC, and fringe, and accented with sequins, ruffles, faux fur, vinyl, metal zippers, buckles, and Swarovski crystals.

Chains of personal events took place in the Summer of 2011 have ignited the designer’s desire to express her anger and frustration upon the darker side of humanity where Hope is a prisoner.

photo| Ravi Vonawesome

spats| Darkon by Sheilam
shoes sponsor| Dr. Martens
jewelry| Felt Your Heart Beat Jewelry


hair| Spellbound Hair Design

makeup| M by Maddie

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