Showcased at |FAT| Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week 2010


A mistake in LOVE unleashes the infinite guilt, hate, grief and regrets.  In a full circle, it is LOVE that releases the silenced RAGE evoked by past mistakes into sensuality with reinterpreted femininity.  ALICE represents the ultimate contradictions: innocent girlhood and conscientious womanhood; love and hate; rage and joy; black and white; broken and healed.

While paying homage to Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, a world full of contradictions, this collection of women’s and men’s nocturnal contemporary wear experiments the realm of silhouettes and textures in past and future tenses.  With a controlled color palette, black accented with white and dash of blue, DYSTROPOLIS’ designer Wendy Ng commands a furious exploration on daring silhouettes, mimicking Alice’s inner growth, and on teasing yet contrasting tactile experience in leatherette, faux fur, PVC, vinyl, lace, crêpe, organza, chiffon, metal beading, smocking, recycled-fabric textile, and metal zippers and buckles to create a sense of order in chaos.  Chaos is Alice’s struggle with adolescent transformation from an innocent child to a conscientious adult.  Chaos is Wendy’s struggle with creative transformation from desperate rage to satiating love.  This is all under the influence of Tom Waits’ “Alice” and Tori Amos’ “Boys for Pele”.

photo| Ravi Vonawesome

hair| Spellbound Hair Design

makeup| Make Up For Ever

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