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Founded in the Summer of 2009, DYSTROPOLIS has been focusing on the development of its own DNA – fashion as the chosen medium of art, inspired by everything around us; from nature, architecture, people, music, movies, to world events.

DYSTROPOLIS is a look into the future – dystopian metropolis.  DYSTROPOLIS is not post-apocalyptic; rather, think Brave New World, We, Nineteen Eighty-four, and the likes.  It is sophisticated in future tense with an undercurrent of chaos; it is Futursophistication.  It is an endless exploration in self expression.

DYSTROPOLIS is collections of seasonless eclectic and conceptual women’s and unisex wear.  It is contemporary tailored clothing that compliments the body with a play on lines and structures whilst electrified by sparks of darkness.  It speaks of intricate detailing that fashions the body into constrained rebellion and unusual prettiness.  Those who find themselves in DYSTROPOLIS are confident, modern, beautiful and not afraid of attention.

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